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True North

When someone asks what we do at Brier & Thorn, it’s tempting to point out the fact that we are one of the only Managed Security Service Providers that will manage and monitor a client’s existing IT network and endpoint security controls, or talk about the ISO 27001 ISMS program we build and operationalize from the ground up. What we prefer to do is start with why we exist. You’re probably wondering why our brand is built around a theme of creative thinking or dreaming. That’s because our True North is working for the dreamers. We exist to defend those who can’t defend themselves — the dreamers — the creative thinkers who challenge the status quo and dare to dream up new, innovative ways that changes the way we live, work, and play. We are the defenders of intellectual property and trade secrets in the global marketplace.

Companies around the world are having their intellectual property stolen from them at unprecedented rates. A recent survey by ASIS International, estimated the annual value of stolen corporate intellectual property at $300 Billion in the United States and over $1 Trillion globally. These dreamers who’ve spent decades coming up with new innovative ideas for how to change the way we do things and make life better, in some cases creating life-saving treatments in cancer and other areas of biotechnology research have had their ideas stolen from them by nation states and other transnational crime organizations who then sell that those trade secrets for monetary gain to competitors and other nation states. More than 1/3 of the EEA prosecutions for theft of intellectual property in its 16 years since being ratified involved people born in China or were seeking to help the Chinese government or its businesses.

The belief in rallying behind a company whose sole focus is the innovation of the tactics, techniques, and procedures to protect intellectual property and trade secrets resonates at such a visceral level with our global clients that they’ve made us a part of their lives, bringing us along with them in every job change. What we do and how we do it is not what they buy because they know those methodologies are constantly evolving and improving over time. Our client’s don’t buy into the technology, they buy into the reason our people get up every day to defend them — they buy into why we do it because that is what translates into market leadership, high level of economic value, and better risk managed versions of themselves. Our why is an intangible that can’t be financially measured or modeled but that truly makes the difference in the lives of our clients.


Learn why Brier & Thorn exists and where our True North points.


Brier & Thorn’s True North and what it means to us and our clients.

Why we do it is more important than what tools we use to achieve it

Any company can build a Security Operations Center and monitor computer networks. All of our competitors out there can do that same thing for any business. They have the same access to the talent and technology to do it that we have. But those are just all technologies. At Brier & Thorn we believe the answer to meeting this global epidemic of large-scale data and intellectual property theft is not through technology alone, but by people following a continuously improved set of tactics, techniques, and procedures to treat the risk.

We prefer to start with why. If our clients just wanted an MSSP or a risk management consultancy, they’d find any number of them on Google. Our clients stand beside us because they believe in what we believe and it resonates at such a visceral level with them for one reason only. Because we don’t compare ourselves to our competitors by saying we’re cheaper or better or because we have more innovative ways of applying it. Our clients rally behind us because they know we’re all in this together. They know that every day we simply try to come up with better ways to secure their intellectual property, trade secrets, and ideas to keep it theirs. Those ways are driven by our people and we simply use our client’s existing technology or propose new ones in order to achieve that purpose. We focus not on being perfect, but simply by being better at protecting their IP today than we were yesterday. We follow the industry and keep a look out for new innovative ways to achieve that mission and our clients trust us to operationalize that for them in their environment in order to achieve it. After all, information security isn’t a snapshot — point in time — magic ferry dust. Information security is a Deming model for continuous improvement that is put into place which is built, operationalized, and made better over time.

This push to be better every day has created an enduring relationship between us and those star-struck dreamers in the global marketplace who have their head in the clouds; those coming up with new, innovative ideas that want our people to keep it safe. We purposely seek out those who are changing entire industries and affecting change in peoples lives by turning their dreams into market disruptions that changes the way we all work, live and play. That is who Brier & Thorn is. We’re not an MSSP, we’re not even a risk management consultancy, those are what we do in order to achieve our True North through the security of our client’s ideas.

Since 2010, Brier & Thorn has never had repeat business, just loyal clients. We believe, there is a difference between repeat business and client loyalty. Repeat business is when people do business with you multiple times — loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product or a better price to continue doing business with you. They do this because they believe in what you believe — they’ve made you a part of their life. Our clients come back year after year, not because we’ve reduced ourselves to a commodity by underpricing our competition, in many cases we were more expensive than them. They do so because they are loyal to our people, to our enduring relationship, and this firm to such a visceral level that they’ve turned down often cheaper firms with more people, more offices, and more money to continue doing business with us.

Our people were the ones that stuck up for those bullied and picked on on their school’s playground when we were growing up. Our people embraced the ideas that others laughed at and didn’t give a second thought to. Our people are sparring partners with our clients, knowing we aren’t yes-men and yes-women that say what we think our clients want to hear.

We position our clients ideas, intellectual property, and trade secrets in an unassailable position, preparing them not on the threat not coming, but on their own readiness to receive it.

What we do substantiates our Why

At Brier & Thorn, we know that our clients don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it. What we do is simply the tangible proof of what we believe in, the pursuit of securing the innovation that ideas and dreams become. To achieve what we believe in, we assemble the greatest minds and thought leaders globally to continuously improve the tactics, techniques, and procedures we use to apply the right solution to each of our client’s enterprise risk challenges.

Brier & Thorn is a risk management consultancy that secures the ideas that innovations and dreams start with to change the way we work, live, and play. To secure these ideas — these trade secrets or intellectual property of our clients, we design, build, test, and implement an information security management system (ISMS) for our clients that applies risk treatment to the risks affecting the assets of our clients — their crown jewels or intellectual property — the center of gravity our clients’ businesses pivot around.

Our services are divided into a dichotomy of risk management and threat management services. Each portfolio provides differing services depending on the maturity of the client’s IT risk management program.